About the dPMR Association


The dPMR Association was established in 2007 and provides a forum for interested parties to contribute their expertise in support of dPMR, the latest digital two-way radio communication technology.

Our membership includes some of the world's leading companies in:

  • Radio/Infrastructure equipment manufacturing

  • Protocol stack development

  • Semiconductor manufacturing

  • Communication solution provision

  • Application Solution development

  • Test Equipment manufacturing

  • Standards administration

The Association actively promotes the independant validation and accreditation of interworking between dPMR products from different manufacturers and have carried out four interoperability test events to date, with eleven manufacturers passing IOP testing. The Association also endorses the use of the dPMR trademark and logo for compliant equipment to ETSI standards.

The dPMR Association is open to any manufacturer, supplier, user group, administration orlaboratory that share our aims for promoting narrowband FDMA technology

With 18 active members, representing some of the biggest companies in global radiocommunications contributing to its development, you can look forward to the continued success dPMR technology with confidence.