dPMR Products Showcase

dPMR is now well established globally in terms of vendors and reference projects. Below you will find our members’ products show case - a portfolio of equipment and services widely available to the open market today.

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Company: CML Microcircuits
Product / Solution: Semiconductor Solutions
(dPMR 446, dPMR Modes 1 & 2)

As a key founding member of the dPMR association and a member of ETSI, CML Microcircuits (CML) participates in the development of digital radio standards with continuous innovative design, manufacture and supply of high performance and low-power analogue, digital and mixed signal semiconductors for telecommunications worldwide. Since 1968, CML continues to provide an undisputed superior level of technical support for markets and applications that have significant expertise barriers to entry, helping to get the end product to market quickly. This has uniquely positioned CML as the first-choice key component supplier to leading companies around the world.

The new CMX7241/7341 DMR Common Platform Processor can deliver FDMA digital, TDMA digital and legacy analogue PMR/LMR with direct connection to an I/Q based RF receiver. The combination of the CMX7341 and CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver enables the smallest, lowest cost common platform system to be designed.

CMX7241/7341 – PMR Common Platform Processor

  • Combined dPMR™ mode 1/2/3 Air Interface and analogue PMR/LMR operation
  • Automatic digital/analogue call detection
  • dPMR – ETSI TS 102 490, TS 102 658 compliant
  • Analogue PMR/LMR – EN 300 08, EN 300 296 and TIA-603-D compliant

CMX994 – Direct Conversion Receiver

The CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver IC includes a broadband LNA with gain control followed by a high dynamic range I/Q demodulator. The receiver baseband section includes amplifiers and precise baseband filter stages. LO generation is provided by an integer-N PLL and a VCO negative resistance amplifier and operates from a single 3.3V supply.

Company: Cobham AvComm
Product / Solution:Test and measurement equipment

Cobham AvComm protects lives and livelihoods with its differentiated technology and know-how, operating with a deep insight into customer needs and agility. The Group offers an innovative range of technologies and services to solve challenging problems in harsh environments across commercial, defense and security markets, from deep space to the depths of the ocean, specializing in meeting the growing demand for data, connectivity and bandwidth. Aeroflex is now a Cobham company.

The Cobham AvComm 8800S
Digital Radio Test Set:

With its hybrid portable design, the industry’s largest colour touch-screen display, and unmatched analogue and digital test features, the 8800S offers RF professionals a whole new experience in radio test.




Aeroflex 3920B Digital Radio Test Set:

The all-new digital architecture of the 3920B not only delivers faster, more accurate measurements, thereby lowering the cost of test when compared to any of its contemporaries and predecessors, but also ensures that future market needs can be met in a timely fashion. The future of professional mobile radio is changing rapidly as technology advances and market needs expand and the 3920B is a platform that will stand the test of time.


Company: CTE International
Product / Solution: Radio Equipment
Manufacturer (Insert Modes)

Starting back in 1972, their principle aim was to produce transceivers that would make communication easier for all, no matter where in the world there is a need for them. Now over 30 years on, they are a leader in the international radio communications market, with a range of communications solutions covering everything from consumer products such as portable PMR446 transceivers, CB (Citizen Band) radios on 27Mhz frequency and marine VHF for the nautical market, to very advanced FM and TV broadcasting products dedicated to radio and TV stations. They also manufacture PMR products specifically designed for professionals, public and private intelligence users and governmental radio communications networks. In addition the group has become a major shareholder of the Midland Radio Corporation in Kansas City and Topaz (formerly Maxon USA)..

Product information coming soon
Product information coming soon


Company: ENTEL UK Limited
Product / Solution: Radio Equipment
Manufacturer (Modes ?)

Established in 1995, Entel is a fully independent company operating its own design and manufacturing divisions, with distribution to a global market. Ranked among the leading industry brands, Entel brings exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence to its professional radio communications equipment. Their UK-based R&D department brings a wealth of top–level expertise to the skill sets of hardware, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, exceeding customer expectations with unique and innovative features. Together with rigorous and uncompromising quality controls, applied throughout every step of the manufacturing process, this all adds up to a formidable range of radio products that has earned worldwide recognition for its quality, performance and high specification.

Product information coming soon
Product information coming soon


Company: Etherstack
Product / Solution: Mobile/Base Protocol Stacks

Etherstack is a PMR technology company that specialises in well designed PMR protocol stacks and wide area IP soft-switched core networks. Etherstack software is used on fielded radio equipment around the world and as an engineering company they work closely with clients to achieve technical excellence and reduce risk, cost and time to market. Protocol stack and core network software are underlying and largely invisible components of a radio system. Working with Etherstack allows clients to concentrate on those components visible to users: radio design, packaging, form-factor, features, user interface, and system architecture. Mobile Stack (MS) and Basestation Stack (BS): This highly portable stack is available in two variants, Mobile Stack (MS) and Basestation Stack (BS). Written in highly portable ANSI C, the stack can be readily hosted on a wide range of popular microprocessors and DSPs. The dPMR™ stack provides a complete implementation including the PHY (physical layer) in software. The stack is available with Etherstack's ELITE automated test suite tools - to assist the manufacturer with integration, testing and maintenance of the implementation during the life cycle of the product.

Fast to Market

Etherstack offers a considerable suite of field-proven technology off-the-shelf. They also understand the PMR standards and have the tools, core architectures and specialist engineers required to develop new protocols or features extremely efficiently - keeping your time to market to a minimum. Their test tools also streamline your system and field testing effort.

Straightforward to Integrate

Etherstack protocols stacks are written in portable C90 code and isolated from hardware by a well-defined abstraction layer. Integrating a protocol stack onto your platform is a simple process of implementing hardware drivers to support the necessary (well-documented) interfaces. Candidate areas for DSP optimization are self-contained, making performance tuning simple

Mobile Station Protocol Stack


Company: GME
Product / Solution: Radio Equipment Manufacturer ( Modes ?)

GME is a privately owned Australian company, established in 1959. The organisation has three distinct divisions; PMR, Marine and MATV linked by the common thread of RF communications. GME has recently increased its presence in the commercial radio sector, recognising dPMR as an important platform in the company’s domestic and global market aspirations. In May 2013, GME relocated to a new 10,000 m2 purpose built facility in Sydney’s North Western suburbs. This state of the art facility consolidated the Sydney administration, engineering, distribution and manufacturing operations, thus providing the foundation for the organisation to further enhance its product offerings and meet the increasing customer service expectations of the 21st century in Australia and around the world.

Product information coming soon
Product information coming soon


Company: ICOM Incorporated
Product / Solution: Radio/Infrastructure Manufacturer
All tiers and modes of dPMR™ equipment

Icom is proud to be the first manufacturer to supply dPMR446 license-free products, Tier 2 Mode 1, and Mode 3 products to the market. The IDAS™ suite of radios (portable and mobile), repeaters, IP networking cards and virtual radio/dispatch applications is a field proven reliable platform that has seen deployment in the 100,000’s of thousands worldwide.

Icom Inc. has been a world leader in radio communications for over 40 years. One of a few organizations that manufacture a total radio line-up of Land Mobile, Marine, Amateur, Air Band and Communications Receivers, ICOM's technological prowess is legendary. Icom continues to lead the industry with the development of digital technologies to provide the future in radio communications to the world. The dPMR™ variants of IDAS are also deployed worldwide and are creating a solid reputation as a reliable digital solution in many market segments. The market’s anticipation and expectations for Mode 3 are also very high and Icom looks forward to providing further communications solutions to meet the varying needs of system operators both large and small.


Company: JVCKenwood Corporation
Product / Solution: Radio/Infrastructure Manufacturer
dPMR™ Product/Service: dPMR446, dPMR™ Modes 1 & 2 equipment and devices.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation is a publicly quoted company listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company operates throughout the world and is focused on the Automotive, Public Services and Media Services sectors where it brings together its reputation and expertise in imaging, sound and radio technologies for the benefit of society.

Kenwood is a brand of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and a global leader in commercial, operations and mission-critical two-way radio systems, offering a portfolio of proven products and solutions across multiple protocols and technologies including PMR446, dPMR446, dPMR, P25, DMR and NXDN.

The Kenwood dPMR range includes the market leading ProTalk license-free dPMR446 hand-portable radio alongside licensed hand-portable radios, mobile terminals, repeaters and infrastructure; all designed to help organisations and people to work more safely and efficiently.

Kenwood manufacturers the world reknown ProTalk range of license-free two-way radio terminals which includes a ProTalk dPMR446 version and the TK-3401D series.

In addition, dPMRTM versions of the proven Mission, Commercial and Operations Critical NEXEDGE® NXDN™ system have been deployed worldwide which offers many of the features and benefits of NEXEDGE® including outstanding voice quality, extended range, spectrum efficiency and increased security, in an open standard, ETSI compliant multi-vendor format.


Follow the links to discover more about the Kenwood dPMRTM hand-portable range, mobile (in-vehicle) terminals and base station / repeaters.

Wide range of accessories available


Company: LINKTOP Technologies
Product / Solution: Chip based products

Founded in 2010 in China, LINKTOP Technologies is a leading IC development company in professional communications, dedicated to providing walkie-talkie specific ICs with powerful functions,powerful functions, of high quality and at low cost, alongside system solutions for terminal manufacturers and system suppliers. In 2010, LINKTOP launched its first commercial walkie-talkie specific chip, LT1801A and is committed to supplying dPMR compliant ASICs and solutions to meet the needs of future digital radio development.

Product information coming soon
Product information coming soon


Product / Solution: Baseband & RF PA Chips (Modes 1 & 2)

Since its inception in 2003, Sicomm has been dedicated to providing quality IC products for wireless communications, especially for the FRS and PMR applications. With their SRT3500 RF transceiver, SRT3600 PA, SRT3300 FM discriminator and SRT3210 integrated MCU and base band processor, Sicomm provides a complete solution for building high quality compact radio systems. Sicomm's products are widely used in consumer and professional radios alike, providing a reduction in cost and power consumptions. Sicomm is actively developing digital radio products and is committed to providing high quality and low cost IC in support of the widespread adoption of dPMR standards.

SCT3252 dPMR™ Digital Radio Baseband Signal Processor

The SCT3252 is a highly integrated digital radio baseband signal processor designed by Sicomm. Its features include:

Specialized Digital Radio IC:

  • 4FSK Modem
  • Multiple Vocoders
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Embedded large capacity FLASH/SRAM
  • High performance, low power consumption
  • Analogue compatible・auto switch
  • Embedded firmware
  • Package 14x14mm LQFP100
  • dPMR (TS102490) with firmware upgrade to support European dPMR (TS102658)


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