dPMR Association Interoperability (IOP) Documents

In the dPMR world there are a number of international standards that radio manufacturers must comply with in order to be called “dPMR”. These are published by ETSI and are developed and maintained by the TGDMR group, to which many dPMR Association members contribute on a regular basis. IOP testing is a collaborative process. Manufacturers wishing to apply for IoP testing should first contact the dPMR Association secretary or the TWG Chairman who will then co-ordinate with other members to establish a suitable time and place. IOP testing is open to both members and non-members of the dPMR Association. However, certificates can only be issued to members and non-members will receive a Test Report.

Interoperability Conformance Documents

  Additional RF Tests
  dPMR ISF-CSF IOP Test_1v1
  dPMR Mode 1 IOP Test_1v2
  dPMR Mode 2 IOP Test_1v2
  dPMR Mode 3_IOP Test_1v0
  IOP Certificates Table-240114

Product Class Interoperability Classification Guide

  Product Class Clasification Guide


Icom - Product Interoperability Certificates (IOP)

Icom Inc. has been a world leader in radio communications for over 40 years. They are one of a few organisations that manufacture a total radio line-up of dPMR products in Mode 1, 2 and Mode 3.

JVC Kenwood - Product Interoperability Certificates (IOP)

Communications is JVC Kenwood's core business; their flagship Land Mobile Radio equipment has earned the strong support of public safety and business industry sectors worldwide.