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Working your way, for your benefit

dPMR is a proven and cost-effective digital PMR technology which delivers a low-cost, low-complexity digital two-way radio communication solution, which adapts to your operation so you can access its many benefits, without you having to adapt your operation to harness its many benefits.
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Our members bring their expertise to enhancing the capabilities and value of the dPMR protocol and include some of the world's leading companies in radio/infrastructure equipment manufacture, protocol stack development, semiconductor and test equipment manufacture, communication integration and application solution development.

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dPMR Markets & Applications

Business and industry users have a basic need for flexible, efficient and cost effective communications systems. This was the fundamental reason for the development of the digital Private Mobile Radio (dPMR) standard by ETSI in 2007; to meet the requirement for a new, open, low-cost, simple to deploy and scalable radio communication system.

dPMR: a brief overview
dPMR Technology

dPMR is a digital radio protocol specifically targeting highly functional solutions by using smart, low cost and low complexity technology. dPMR is a narrowband 6.25 kHz Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) technology that is 100% digital and offers many forms of voice and/or data applications from license-free dPMR 446 to fully scalable trunked networks.

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A Community

Our community is represented by some of the most important companies in global radio communications and is open to any manufacturer, supplier, user group, administration, laboratory, integrator and reseller that shares our aims for promoting the development of FDMA technology.

Growing our Reach

dPMR’s growing community includes the end user; the most important contributor to the success of the technology. Our case studies highlight just some of the systems employed in providing reliable communication solutions around the world.

An ETSI compliant open standard

dPMR is compliant with ERM dPMR standards as specified in ETSI TS 102 490 and TS102 658 (6.25 kHz FDMA standard set). As an open standard, the dPMR Association actively encourages the adoption of the technology and makes no charge or licensing fee for its IPR.

dPMR & You! Why?

Whether you’re considering embarking on the use of two-way radio communication for the first time, building a new system, migrating from an existing analogue system, simplifying from a high cost and complex digital system or upgrading an MPT 1327 trunked network, the dPMR platform can offer you a solution to meet your needs, simply, quickly and cost-effectively. From license-free dPMR446, licensed peer-to-peer and wide area coverage systems through to control-channel trunked networks.

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About us

The dPMR Association was established in 2007 and provides a forum for interested parties to contribute their expertise.


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